#data15 – What I’m Looking Forward To

Fellow Tableau enthusiasts Joshua Milligan and Andy Kriebel have done their posts on what’s up for next week’s Tableau Conference, here’s what I’m looking forward to:

1. Hanging with my Tableau Tribe

I’m the only hardcore Tableau user at my day job (though we’re hiring! ) so getting to see old friends and make new ones each year is a highlight. If you see me, please do say hello!

Tableau Zen Masters 2012

Would you believe I’d never met these guys until a day or so before this pic was taken?

2. Devs on Stage

Toys! Toys! Shiny new toys! Though the Tableau Zen Masters do get the occasional sneak peek into what Tableau is developing, this year Tableau has been extra-quiet about what they will be revealing at the keynote on Tuesday morning. What will we be seeing? I don’t know! And I’m super-excited!

3. Tableau on a Shoestring: Successful Deployment on a Tiny Budget

That’s my session, I’m looking forward to it for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’m looking forward to being finished with it — doing the kind of genuine & real writing that I do is like shoving my hand down my throat to rip out my heart and other juicy bits then putting them down on display for the world to see. The outcome is always worth the effort for me, though. Second, I’m looking forward to sharing some lessons learned, both things that went well and mistakes I’ve made.

I don’t have the budget that Matt Francis does for promoting his session (this is Tableau on a Shoestring after all), so here’s my teaser:

I hope to see you at #data15!


PS: If you’re not going, check out the Virtual Conference where some sessions will be streamed, and you can watch last year’s sessions (many of the Tableau employee sessions are repeated from year to year) at Tableau Conference Television.

Please add your thoughts and perspectives