More on maps:

Dual Axis Maps

video by Joe Mako:

Background images

Can use a point annotation with the X & Y coordinates as the label, then drag the annotation around to ID points on the image that can be used to create the custom polygons. (Speeds up the process).

Also for finding X/Y positions: Point Position is a freeware tool for PCs that will find X/Y coordinates on screen.


Batch geocoder that Shawn recommends, for up to 1K addresses at a time:

Latitude/longitude finder

Can also do stuff w/Tableau’s data

free zip code DB


Zip Code Radius Finder

Also links to Richard Leeks’ geohack work

Concentric circles

Richard Leeke post on binning latitude/longitude data in different ways:

pic, and lat/long for arbitrary points

address to lat/long lookup:

Jittering map points

Great Circle routes – Flight path type maps

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