Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting Equivalents

The most complete post on conditional formatting in Tableau is this one:, which describes the multiple axis crosstab here: Other than the Formatting Numbers section, most everything else is covered in that post & workbook.

Building a Measure Names/Values Table – Have only One Measure on Measure Values Card

Put Measure Names on the Filters Shelf first and keep only the desired Measured Value(s), possible to have just one Measure Value this way and still have a header.

Formatting Numbers

Creating custom color palettes

highlighting specific rows: Rapid Graphs by Stephen McDaniel and Eileen McDaniel,

aligning shapes for marks: mark_align.twbx file by Joe Mako in

setting up custom highlight table: margin_zone.twbx file by Joe Mako in

Make an “empty” header:

Force Tableau to show text headers in a row and not hide them in cross-tab display:

Removing last column (Abc column)

Crosstabs and Text Tables

Putting more columns than the default 6 on tables – from the menu bar, select Table->Options and increase the number of columns

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