Getting rid of “Year of” for Dates

The Tableau blog reposted my Fast Headers for Single Measure Tables post and I got the following question from Pamela Ann in response:

Here’s the problem, when using YEAR(Date) on Rows Tableau is automatically inserting the “Year of” for the header:

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 7.47.54 AM

We could create a calculated field for YEAR([Date]) and then use an Exact Date for the pill, but there’s an even faster way.Using Tableau’s Custom Dates feature we can do that in a few clicks plus typing the name of our new date field:

make custom date


One thought on “Getting rid of “Year of” for Dates

  1. 3danim8 (aka Ken Black)

    Thanks again JD for another great insight. My biggest time saver like these has been to set the default number properties for the measures I’m going to be using in a workbook. This saves all the formatting steps I used to have to do in a workbook before I knew that feature existed.


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