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This is a collection of most all of my Tableau notes, mostly a lot of links to Tableau forum and blog posts, some screenshots, and some written notes. Browse through the list of wikis below, and/or use the Search or tag cloud on the sidebar to the right.

When I started using Tableau, I began a Word document with my notes that also had a lot of links to Tableau forum posts, blog posts, etc. Once it got past 30 or so pages, the only way I used it was to search it, and I kept on thinking it would be better online while the total text grew to over 50 pages. I shared the doc with a few other users and they thought it was a great resource, so here it is.

This is my own personal supplement to the Tableau manualsKnowledge Base, and community forums, and The Information Lab’s Tableau Hub. You can access the wiki via the menu above, the Search to the right, the wiki tag cloud to the right, or from the list of sub-wikis below.

A few words of caution: Your mileage may vary, use at your own risk, caveat emptor, etc. The text here is not necessarily up to date, authoritative, or even accurate. It reflects my own learning process and understanding. Try it out, see what works for you, and let me know what doesn’t.

As of November 2013, the wiki has been irregularly updated, I’ve changed how I’m managing it (using straight WordPress pages now) and there will be more updates.

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