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Easy bin building:

– select a measure
– click on Show Me!
– pick the histogram

Tableau tries to create roughly 10 bins, adds a dimension for the bin to the dimensions list
can change bin size

Alternate for Bins (allows for reference lines on a histogram):

– Create a calculated field such as: INT([Sales]/100)*100-IIF([Sales]<0,100,0)
– Put Number of Records on Columns, calculated field on rows.
– Then can have calculated fields like: TOTAL(AVG([Sales])), TOTAL(MEDIAN([Sales])), etc.
– Will need to set Compute using to the calculated field.

Example here: https://www.tableausoftware.com/support/forum/topic/reference-line-over-distribution-graph

Some stuff on bins & blends (might need this to pull off getting the percentile)

From Joe Mako:

BYO Bin calc:

INT([Value]/[Bin Size])*[Bin Size]-IIF([Value]<0,[Bin Size],0)

Manually choosing the number of bins/binning a dimension by a measure:


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