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Typography tweaks - Added March 8, 2015

From Richard Rouse @bibleviz

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decision trees, Sankeys, flow diagrams - Added January 13, 2015

By Olivier Catherin, drawing on Jeffrey Shaffer's work

testing Tableau for Mobile on a non-mobile browser - Added January 13, 2015


Sunlight Foundation data viz style guide - Added December 20, 2014

Very complete, fantastic ideas here on how to have an enterprise style guide. http://design.sunlightlabs.com/projects/Sunlight-StyleGuide-DataViz.pdf

Ben Jones @DataRemixed on Clarity vs. Aesthetics - Added December 7, 2014

Nice series of posts: http://dataremixed.com/tag/aesthetics/

History & timeline of data viz innovations - Added December 7, 2014


Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle - Added December 7, 2014

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I Want Hue - color palette tool - Added October 6, 2014


Fantastic thread on color & luminance - Added October 5, 2014

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  • Lollipops for Healthcare Quality Improvement

    The Superstore Sales data that ships with Tableau makes life seem so easy: Numbers like Profit and Sales that go up, up, and up. But we don’t only measure things by how high they go, but also how low. Working with hospital quality data, we have small numbers like infection rates that we want to get even smaller. We have rates like the percentage of patients who receive aspirin on arrival that we want to get larger. And then there are measures like how many medication error events are reported that we of course want to get smaller, but we wouldn’t trust if that number got too small too soon because it might indicate under-reporting. Tack on situations like hospital units that may go for months or years without having any events (but are still mandated to report), data arriving at different times, and a variety of units with differing numbers of decimal places, and putting everything on one dashboard gets a wee bit complicated.

    This is a process post about how I solved this problem for a hospital quality dashboard with some brilliant help, a dose of calculated fields, and a number of iterations. I presented this dashboard at the Tableau Customer Conference last month, and offer up this post as a a contribution to Tableau Design Month.

    Continue reading

    Older But Still Useful – Conditional Formatting

    Back in May of this year before I started this blog, I did a presentation at the Boston Tableau User Group on conditional formatting in Tableau. Prior to using Tableau, I’d created some dashboards and reports in Excel, and when I tried to re-create them in Tableau I ran into a number of different issues in terms of doing the kinds of formatting, layout, and conditional formatting that are possible in Excel. I created a workbook with every technique I could find and some I figured out. Continue reading