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Blinding and Anonymizing Healthcare Data for Tableau – Screencast

Last Thursday 2014-12-04 at the Healthcare User Group virtual meeting I attempted to present an introduction to blinding and anonymizing healthcare data. Due to technical difficulties (the old “swap-machines-at-the-last-moment-then-have-to-upgrade-webex-software-right-as-the-network-goes-down” problem) I wasn’t able to complete the presentation, so I recorded it, it’s now available at http://vimeo.com/113666870.

And here’s a link to the PDF.


Preparing Data

Key bits on migrating from Excel


anonymizing data for Tableau


DATE() and STR() functions behave differently depending on the data source (Excel/text/Access vs. extract)


DATEPARSE() for converting different date formats

DATEPARSE-ing Tips for Successful Speed Dating with Tableau 8.1


Joining Vs. Blending


When one data source has subcategory & measures, and another has category & subcategory, can use Primary Groups to effectively create the category within the first data source. KB has article on this, search for “creating primary groups from a secondary source”.

Data blending and getting aggregations right:

Workbook with three options (extract, control data relationships for blend, custom SQL) by Jeff Mills:

Creating a Tableau Data Source .tds for connecting to just the database and not the table by Craig Bloodworth:

Outer joining multiple Excel tables

Custom datasource config files:

Informatica Springbok ETL tool - Added December 10, 2014

From an Informatica announcement:

You can check it out and sign up for free here: http://bit.ly/TableauSpringbok

Here is more information on the partnership and what Springbok does for Tableau:

Informatica's Project Springbok and Why You'll Never Need to do a VLookup Again | Tableau Software

Better, faster, easier. Data harmonization for Tableau with Informatica’s Project Springbok - YouTube

Python tool for working with CSV - Added October 6, 2014


Can use Custom SQL to reference specific cells in Excel - Added October 6, 2014

Tip from Dan Cory: Can use select * from [Sheet1$A2:G10] in Custom SQL for Excel sources.

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