Pie (Charts) in the Sky

Shawn Wallwork has a knack for starting some interesting (to me, at least) threads on the Tableau forums – like this one about the forums themselves. He posted an idea yesterday for Tableau changing the layout container paradigm for dashboards to more of a canvas GUI like other tools, and invited folks to submit their paradigm-shifting ideas. I got just a wee bit pie in the sky in my response, check out the Change to a ‘Canvas’ GUI thread for a dose of a potential future where views can be flipped from screen to screen and rearranged with the same ease of use that we have when we swipe to unlock our phones.

2 thoughts on “Pie (Charts) in the Sky

  1. Joe Mako

    Your title confused me for a bit, what do pie charts have to do with this post and why does he want pie charts? Then I got it, and I lol’ed 🙂

    And it is not just you, Shawn has a lot of great thought provoking threads on the forum.

  2. Shawn Wallwork

    Thanks for the kind comments guys. I very much enjoy the conversations we have both on and off-line, even whey we disagree, maybe especially when we disagree.



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