Crosspost from DataBlick – Tableau Dynamic Parameters Using Alteryx

I’ve been hearing lots of good things about Alteryx as an ETL tool and have been looking forward to using it more. Here’s what I did the day after Alteryx training: built an introductory solution in Alteryx for dynamically updating Tableau parameters, the post is up at DataBlick.



3 thoughts on “Crosspost from DataBlick – Tableau Dynamic Parameters Using Alteryx

  1. AHUJA M

    Hello Jon,

    I am trying to suppress small counts in my tableau data. I want values that are zero to be replaced by an ‘*’. Currently it will not do that and only show them as 0 or null. Is this possible to do in a tableau table?

    1. Jonathan Drummey Post author

      If you have no negative numbers in your measure, then you could take those small numbers, make them negative, then set up a custom number format that just showed asterisk for negative numbers. If that’s not the case, then you could set up an alternative using two separate measures and use multiple pills on the Text Shelf or Measure Values on the Text Shelf. On measure would use and IF or IIF statement to return the number or Null, the other would return Null or asterisk.


  2. Johan

    +1 for Alteryx – Pity it is so expensive! My previous employer had it and it was amazingly powerful, but way out of reach for personal use 🙁


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